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Getting Started with Site Bay

Set Sail with Site Bay!

Let’s get started with Site Bay, Powerful WordPress Hosting! This guide will help you sign up for an account on My Site Bay, our browser-based control panel where you can create, manage, and monitor your WordPress sites.

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Sign Up

  1. If you haven’t already registered an account with us, Sign Up here.

  2. Log in and choose a plan, our Micro plan starts at just $15 USD per month. If you have a coupon on your account, it will be automatically applied.

  3. Add a Payment Method and click Purchase Plan. You will be redirected to Create a Site after the payment succeeds.

Create a new WordPress Site

  1. Log in to My Site Bay with the email and password you used when signing up. You can also Connect with GitHub.

  2. At the top of the sidebar, click Create Site.

  3. Choose the data center city in which you want your site to be hosted.

  4. From your domain registrar’s DNS manager, add a CNAME entry for your domain with the root pointing to [CITY] – for example if you picked oregon, enter as the target. You can also use one of our Testing Subdomains.

  5. Enter your site’s name, a new username and password which you will use to log in and manage your site from WordPress, and click Launch Site!

    WordPress developer? Try our Bi-directional Git Sync!

  6. Wait about 3 minutes for your site to set up. We’ll send you an email when it’s ready.

Next Steps

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