What is Site Bay?

Hello World!Site Bay is a premium managed WordPress hosting service.

Minutely Backups – Point-in-Time Machine

Insites Analytics (Grafana and PostHog) – See what your visitors see with Session Recording)

Staging Sites – Test new changes and commit them in a click

Bi-Directional Git Sync – Develop in PHPStorm/VS Code

Custom Emails – With Catchall support

API Access for web design agencies


What sets us apart from other WordPress hosts is that our service uses Kubernetes, which makes your WordPress resilient to failures, automatically scaling under high load, detect if your site is unhealthy, and automatically repair errors.

Other hosts offer daily, or at best hourly backups. Site Bay offers Point-in-Time machine, which allows you to restore your site to any point in time in the last two weeks, down to the minute. Never worry about losing your data again.

Advanced Insites™ Analytics Dashboard allows you to observe user behaviour and improve client experiences with session recording and A-B tests.

Are you a web design agency? You might like our Agency plan, which includes full API access. Let us host your clients’ sites and enjoy all of our pro tools.

Custom emails, one-click ready-made template sites, and more starting at just $15/month USD.

Sound good?

Join now, get 20% off and follow this Creating a Site tutorial to get started.