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Let us help you reach your peak productivity.
Site Bay’s Managed WordPress features lets you launch a ready made site, rewind your site to undo disasters, collaborate with others and more.
A full suite for beginners and experts.

Point-in-Time Machine

No one is perfect, that’s why pencils have erasers
Learn more about PIT Machine

Retrieve deleted files

Pick a date and time, and view a snapshot of site’s content folder in our file browser.

Restore your site

You can revert your site back to any point, down to the minute.


The fastest way build your site
Learn more about Templates

Create a template site

We have templates for almost any site type. They can be launched in a click.

Replace the demo content

Spend your time writing, not coding or designing. Just add your own photos and text .

Bi-Directional Git Sync

The Best Development Tool for WordPress Power Users
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Git logo

Link your site’s git repo

We support GitHub apps, GitLab OAuth, and Bitbucket. You can either make changes on your site via WordPress, or work locally from your IDE.

VSCode and PHPStorm with WordPress

Build your site or plugins from your favorite editor

Site Bay’s Git Sync works with all major editors. Enjoy power tools like IDE plugins, syntax highlighting and autocomplete with no local installations.

All plans include:

Shell access (WebSSH)

Securely access your site through the command line interface to use tools such as WP-CLI via our web interface.


Invite collaborators or clients to manage your site via our Teams feature.

Multiple Datacenters

Host your site in Oregon 🇺🇸 or Frankfurt 🇩🇪.

Programmatic (API) Access for Agencies

Do your own your own site design agency? Let us host it. Charge your own prices, just pay the base fee ($25 USD per site).


Choose from various template sites, create it in a click.

Just replace the demo content.

24/7 Support

Get help via Live Chat or Phone when you need it. You can also open a ticket and we’ll do our best to come up with a solution for you.

You can also browse through our Support Page.

Session Recordings

Sessions Recordings automatically create a video of users navigating through your website and play back their visits to watch how users use your product with our in-depth analytics dashboard.

Auto Scaling

We increase the horsepower of your server automatically when you need it most.

Never worry about your site going down after a spike in visitors again.

DNS manager

If you don’t know what DNS records are, you can use our optional DNS Manager. We automatically add or modify the records you need to get your site and custom emails working.

Point-In-Time Machine

View previous files and restore your site back to any point in the last 14 days, down to the minute. You can even restore to a staging site.

Email Accounts and Forwarding

Use [email protected] to take control of your email. You can even use forwarding to connect with services you already use like Gmail or Outlook at no extra charge.

Auto Healing

We monitor the health and availability of your site and automatically repair system components that aren’t healthy.


Never worry about making breaking changes to your site. Create a clone of your site to stage new changes, then, push them to your main site in a click.

Bi-directional Git Sync

Develop themes or plugins like a pro with the tools you already use. Connect a git repo with your content folder to your site. Any pushes to your repo will be reflected in seconds, and vice-versa. If you already have a site you want to convert to a Git Sync installation, you can do that too. This feature is completely optional, if you decide you don’t like git, you can convert back any time.